River Almond, Edinburgh

22 Aug

Didn’t catch anything but enjoyed the walk and the view![emoji16][emoji106][emoji102]
YouTube (https://youtu.be/pntW_WHKzuk)

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Big hook?

21 Aug

Take it I would need a fairly big hook to go through this soft lure? (for trout)Image:…

Bait only reservoir

21 Aug

Just phoned a local reservoir. They said they allow fly and non-fly fishing but no spinners, crankbait or swimbait, only worms/maggots. Why would…

Luncheon meat

19 Aug

Just to reiterate, trout do not go for this? Only for carp, pike etc?

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18 Aug

How easy is it to find garden worms in dry weather. Is it better to wait until in rains?

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Berkley’s Honey worms

18 Aug

Anybody tried this power bait? I see from Youtube they actually work. Are they rubbery or something. Do you reuse them?

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Bait used in sea fishing

17 Aug

Recently started sea fishing using lures and feather rigs. What options do I have if I wanted to use bait instead? (Not from a boat, just piers)