new accessory chair advice

31 Dec

ive been away from fishing for around 20 years and have been back fishing for around 4 months.
my old carp fishing type chair is just to relaxed and…

Managed to bust a rod

29 Dec

Hi Folks ..

Well not happy at all one of my favorite rods a Wychwood Power float 13′ 1lb rod i managed to break the middle section dont ask…

Shaving off the ounces

28 Dec

I guess I am not alone in always trying to trim down the amount and weight of tackle that I lug about with me and am always looking for ways to…

Seen floats like these?

28 Dec

I’m trying to find some pole floats like these. I can’t remember where I got them. They have either K4 or K9 marked on them, and each has a crosshair…