Lump hunting on a commercial

29 Sep

I’m going to be fishing Aston fisheries at some point soon and on one of their ponds they have carp to 30lb+.
Now, I don’t necessarily want one that…

Pyracantha berries

29 Sep

I have an abundance of these orange berries on my Firethorn( pyracantha ) and wonder if they are attractive to fish! They are not toxic and occur…

River Perch Advice.

29 Sep


I am looking to target perch on the River Severn at Bridgnorth.

I could do with some advice on the best approach, if anyone has any to…

Open Season

29 Sep

How ridiculous is it no matter what the weather, the water temperature, from Monday you traditionalists can fish for pike.
Never mind the fact they…

Probability in fishing

28 Sep

the extent to which an event is likely to occur, measured by the ratio of the favourable cases to the whole number of cases possible.

This is the…

Chick peas

27 Sep


Apparently not everyone knows this, but chick peas are in fact real peas. (Honest)
I can confirm that all peas (all varieties) have…