Fishing in Scotland

30 Jul

Thinking of having a holiday on the east side of Scotland in October. Is there any course fishing or is it all fly fishing up there. Can you fish on…

Giving up is easy.

30 Jul

Who said “Giving up smoking is easy – I’ve done it lots of times”?

I did manage to ditch the cigarettes first time, but I’ve also said I’ve got…

Gold, Bronze and Residents W/C 23rd July 2018

30 Jul

Fishing Information call 01726 862519Festival Bookings call 01726 862100Holiday Bookings call 0344 335 3569 Gold Residents Rover Match Monday July 23, 2018 13 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks Open to anglers who regularly fish open matches and/or are sponsored…


28 Jul

I tend to use red and white maggots if I use them at all! Are pinkies preferred by certain species over normal maggots and when would you use bronze?