rig and hook length line.

31 Mar

Hello everyone, i have just found out that garbolino have stopped making garbo line.
I have used this line for about 4yrs now for main rig pole…

Twisting the Melons Man!

31 Mar

*Prohibit the removal of trees/shrubs from riverbanks & in-river wildlife habitat*
Vital wildlife habitat for protected species like otters bats &…

Weed Rake

31 Mar

One of the Tench/Carp stillwaters i fish this time of year is always weedy. Can anyone recommend a decent weed rake?. I could of made one from scrap…

Angling on facebook

30 Mar

I look in on Facebook angling groups from time to time and to be honest find it a bit puerile .
Plenty of guys showing catches but most comments…


30 Mar



27 March, 2018

A new river anglers’ group is launching to fight…

Bite Alarms

30 Mar

Having been away from carp fishing scene for a few years (40 plus years) what bite alarms would you recommend. Nothing too fancy just reliable and…

Gold, Bronze and Residents W/C 26th March 2018

30 Mar

Fishing Information call 01726 862519Festival Bookings call 01726 862100Holiday Bookings call 0344 335 3569 Gold Residents Rover Match Monday March 26, 2018 16 Anglers Fished Twin Oaks Open to anglers who regularly fish open matches and/or are sponsore…

Trip tips!

29 Mar

Hi folks. I’m in the middle of a little trip where I am fishing as well as unwinding. The weather has been so-so but had a couple of days of plenty…