Happy New Year!!

31 Dec

On my way back from a splendid time with friends on Boxing Day, I stopped in the lay-by at the end of the Llanthomas beat to see if we’d received any…

How to keep cheese paste

31 Dec

I’ve been reading old posts on cheese paste, & I’m wondering how people store it . Generally freezing seems most popular but I’m sure I’ve read…

Twist, twiddle or crimp?

31 Dec

Haven’t needed any of those methods for my initial piking experience using Canelle Womdertress but I’m going to make up a few conventional traces…

Another line question

31 Dec

I’m looking for a good fast sinking line for when I’m float fishing for tench what I want is 6lb and 8lb of either mono or fluorocarbon.

I have…

Daiwa Tournament 5000

31 Dec

For Sale:

3 brand new Daiwa Tournament 5000 reels.

Boxed, Daiwa cloth bags, Daiwa oils, all papers. Never even had line on them.

Cost £705,…